Technical marketing






If you are competing in the marketplace with technical products or services, then you will need to know what your competitors are doing & how technology is evolving in your particular niche. My specialist knowledge is in electrical power systems for vehicles & in remote locations (ie off-grid), for both commercial & defence applications. I have recently completed studies in the following areas:


  • Large capacity rechargeable battery technical developments;
    • lead acid
    • nickel metal-hydride
    • lithium-polymer
    • matching technologies to applications
  • Electrical power systems on-board military vehicles;
    • power generation
    • power management
    • battery monitoring
    • fuel cells
    • battery technology
    • electric traction
  • Electric & hybrid electric vehicles;
    • emissions
    • recycling issues
    • economics
    • market forecasts
  • Remote power & renewable energy (up to 10kW);
    • technologies & technological developments
    • microgeneration
    • political & economic influences


If you wish, I can also help with market research here in Spain together with information on state support & the business culture that you will encounter should you wish to enter the Spanish market. Spain’s economy is the 12th largest in the world & the 5th in Europe. Business here can provide a stepping stone into Spanish speaking South America.